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Strippenkaart replaced by the OV-chipcard

Strippenkaarten (Strip Cards) are the old public transport tickets, which are no longer in use in Amsterdam. Since June 1, 2010 the strippenkaarten were replaced by the OV-chipcard (Public Transport chip card). There are several different sorts of the OV-chipcards - the main being a personal card, with the photo of the holder. For the description of the new OV-chipcard system please refer to our page about it.

The old strippenkaarten are slowly going out of use in the rest of the Netherlands. Nevertheless, they are still valid in other municipalities than Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On the other hand since in Amsterdam the OV-chipcard is the only form of payment, you may not use the free strips left on your Strip Card paying for the public transport in Amsterdam.

Prices (in Euros)  
2 strips (single journey, one zone) 1,60
3 strips (single journey, two zones) 2,40
8 strips (also valid as one-day ticket) 6,40
15 strips, full fare
(multiple journey, advance sale only)
15 strips, concessionary fare*
(multiple journey, advance sale only)
45 strips (multiple journey, advance sale only) 19,20
* Elderly over 65 and children under 12

To Use the Strip Card:

  1. Check the map located at each stop or onboard to determine how many zones you require.
  2. Validate the strippenkaart by stamping it in the yellow machines onboard or get a stamp from the driver. Validate according to the number of zones you will pass, plus one. For example, if you are traveling within one zone, validate two strips; If traveling across two zones, validate three units. Note: Multiple passengers can travel on a single strippenkaard as long as the proper number of strips is validated for each rider.

Ticket validity depends upon the number of strips used as follows:

Number of zones (strips cancelled) Validity
1-3 zones (2-4 strips) 1 hour
4-6 zones (5-7 strips) 1.5 hours
7-9 zones (8-10 strips) 2 hours
10-15 zones (11-16 strips) 3 hours
16 or more zones (17-20 strips) 3.5 hours

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