Amsterdam Airport departures

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a very passenger-friendly facility and this also applies when leaving from here. Although Amsterdam Schiphol has three departure halls and many concourses, the passenger terminal is in fact one big building. This makes navigation around the facilities very easy, as everything is also very well signposted, and you will never have to run from one building to the other to catch your flight. Amsterdam Airport has an excellent infrastructure, and it is very easy to get to the airport from Amsterdam or any other place in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Airport car parking

Amsterdam Airport offers many possibilities to park, and the parking fees depend on the duration of the parking and the type of facility. The covered garages closest to the terminal building are the most expensive, and the open-air long-stay car parks further away the cheapest. Shuttle buses transport travellers between the long-stay car parking lots and the terminal.

Train to the airport

Frequent train services operate between Amsterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Airport. The train journey takes 17 minutes, and the train station is right at the entrance of the terminal building, underneath Schiphol Plaza. Most other important cities in Holland are less than two hours from Schiphol by train.


Taxis may be the most convenient way to get to Amsterdam Airport, but usually also the most expensive. A taxi ride from Amsterdam’s city centre to the airport could cost up to 40 euro. Make sure to use official taxis and never accept a ride in an unmarked vehicle without any signs identifying it as an official taxi.


Buses serve Amsterdam Airport from many towns, villages and business areas around Schiphol. Buses are usually a cheap but slow means of transport to get to the airport. Check if your hotel operates a convenient shuttle bus service to take you directly to Amsterdam Airport’s passenger terminal.

Rental car

If you have a rental car, it is easy to find the rental car parking garage to return the vehicle. Once you’ve done that it is a short walk to the terminal building and the check-in desks. Make sure to fill up the petrol tank of the rental car before returning it if the contract says so.

Finding your way through the Amsterdam Airport terminal:


Although there are three departure halls at Amsterdam Schiphol (Departures 1, 2 and 3), it is just a single terminal building. Screens with flight information make it easy to find the correct check-in desks. If you have already checked in online you may be able to walk straight through to the security checkpoint.

Amsterdam Airport Duty free shopping

Amsterdam Airport’s duty free shopping is voted among the best in the world and you will quickly see why. You can literally find anything here. Looking for a last-minute souvenir from Holland? A nice perfume for your wife? Or maybe you’d like to buy a present for yourself in the form of the latest video camera? You can find everything in the duty free shops and often at very attractive prices too.

Amsterdam Airport bars and restaurants

If you’re done shopping, there is a wide selection of bars and restaurants to relax and have something to drink or to eat while waiting for your flight to board. From fast-food to exclusive dining, Amsterdam Airport offers all types of international cuisine for all tastes and budgets.

Amsterdam Airport lounges

If you are flying first or business class or have a top-level frequent flyer status, you may have access to one of the luxurious lounges to pass time while waiting for your flight. While most lounges have comfortable seating, free food and beverages and wireless internet, some of them even offer health spas and showers.