Amsterdam Metro

Includes 5 lines and 39 stations. The stations are often called by names of popular areas which even tourists often know.

The service does not cover the whole urban area of Amsterdam, but it does cover much of it. Parts that are not covered are easily accessible by other modes of very good Amsterdam public transport.

4 of the 5 lines pass or terminate at the Amsterdam Central Station.

Amsterdam airport transfer

Public transportation cannot be used to get from airport to Amsterdam city. You will need special tickets for dedicated train. It is recommended to book airport train or taxi in advance. You can do this through our Amsterdam airport transfer webpage.

Amsterdam metro tickets

The most basic ticket for 1 hour of travel costs €3,40. But there are many more options. Like time tickets for multiple days and pre-paid cards. Read this page about Amsterdam public transport tickets prices for more information.

For tourists we recommend an Amsterdam city card which gives you unlimited access to the city's public transport system and other benefits like free entry to museums and attractions.

The public transportation company that runs the Amsterdam public transport is called GVB. Part of it is the underground metro system. The other parts are trams, busses and ferries. The GVB tickets are integrated and can be used for all these modes of public transport.

Transporting bicycles on Amsterdam metro

This is possible. But only outside of the rush hours. Thee rush hours are Monday to Friday 07:00-09:00 and 16:00-18:30.

You will need to buy a ticket for the bicycle.

Amsterdam Metro operating hours

Public transport in Amsterdam operates from 6am until midnight. However, some Metro trains will end their run before midnight, while others will reach distant suburban stations as late as 1am.

To transport during the night you can use the Amsterdam Night Buses

Amsterdam metro lines

Route Line From / To
50 Ring Line, East Line Isolaterweg - Gein
51 Amstelveen Line, East Line Westwijk - Central Station
52 North-South Line Noord - Zuid
53 East Line, Gaasperplas Gaasperplas - Central Station
54 East Line, Gein Gein - Central Station

Route 52, the North to South Line, is the first metro line to run beneath the IJ river to Amsterdam North.

Amsterdam metro rules

These rules are similar to other cities. Every person with common sense and common politeness should be easily familiar with them.

  • No smoking.
  • No eating or drinking.
  • Place strollers in the provided space.
  • No feet on the seats.
  • No drugs or alcohol on your journey.
  • No loud music

Tips for using Amsterdam metro

  • If you are taking the Metro to reach Dam Square or another destination within the city centre, avoid the rush of people at Central Station and get off a stop earlier at Nieuwmarket. It will probably take the same amount of time to reach your destination but you will bump into less people.
  • Avoid purchasing the single-use one-hour tickets for short journeys. Instead, buy a multi-day ticket for the duration of your stay or the OV-cihipcard.
  • Always remember to check in at the beginning of your journey. If you are caught without an activated ticket or card, you will face a fine.
  • Also remember to always check out at the end of your trip to keep your card valid and to avoid extra fees. If there are no ticket barriers at your final destination, look for the yellow card readers to check out.

Amsterdam metro map

amsterdam metro map lines and stops