Casa Rosso in Amsterdam

Casa Rosso is a club in the centre of the Red Light District. It is famous because of the numerous sex shows they perform. Casa Rosso is very approachable and is a professional and interesting place to visit. You can make a reservation for a show + dinner or when you want to have a drink. Check for information on the Casa Rosso reservation page.

Casa Rosso is without doubt the most famous and well known of all the Amsterdam sex shows. The club can be easily found due to the large neon pink elephant adorning the front of the building in the heart of the Red Light District. Casa Rosso has strong links to the almost equally famous Banana Bar, found not far away on the same canal, but the layout here is much more of a theatre set up than the more free flowing, lounge-like Banana Bar.

Casa Rosso Theatre

Casa Rosso Amsterdam

Appropriate to its claims of being the oldest live sex theatre in the Amsterdam Red Light District, the venue here is larger and cleaner than for many other sex shows, with an impressive capacity of 180 seats. The room is air conditioned for those sweltering summer months, although the performers certainly aren't wearing enough to benefit, and there is a decent sized bar, which you may not need to use thanks to the attentive table service.

The atmosphere of Casa Rosso is much friendlier to women than in other sex shows, including the Banana Bar, and you will often find groups of girls or couples among the audience. The club gets a lot of business from stag and hen (bachelor and bachelorette) parties and takes bookings for groups of no less than ten, so be prepared to meet some quite large and excited groups of revellers.

Casa Rosso Shows

The live shows available here are pretty much the same as can be found at most Amsterdam sex shows and consist of strip tease acts, with both male and female strippers, light S&M shows and various adult tricks involving props such as bananas and pens. Of course, the biggest draw is the live sex acts and these are certainly well in attendance. These acts usually consist of a man and woman performing some very well choreographed and acrobatic sex acts with each other and form the main part of the show, with single performer acts happening in between. Some acts have limited audience participation, but much less than can be found elsewhere, such as in the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam a little further along the canal.

Tickets and availability

Casa Rosso Amsterdam penis fountain

Entrance to Casa Rosso does not come cheap, but neither is it so expensive as to make it impossible to visit. With a standard entrance ticket costing €45, it may be a hit to your wallet but can be worth it as, once inside, there are no additional costs other than the price of your drinks. This is a big difference to some shows, where shows are more personal and each lapdance or performance trick costs an extra fee. If you're worried about the mounting costs of drinks, then a combined ticket including four drinks tokens costs €55. Drinks token deals like this deserve a bit of consideration however, as someone who is only drinking the standard Dutch small beers will normally find they can buy four for less than the €15 the drinks tokens cost.

This may be the most popular show the Amsterdam Red Light District has to offer, but the venue's large size means that getting in is usually not a problem. For large groups such as stag parties, booking can be a good idea but, as mentioned above, only if your group is of ten people or more.

Casa Rosso opening hours

Sunday to Thursday from 7pm till 2am,
Friday and Saturday from 7pm till 3am.


Casa Rosso in Amsterdam
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108
1012 DS   Amsterdam
The Netherlands