Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District at Night

The Moulin Rouge Amsterdam takes after its Parisian namesake and offers saucy on stage entertainment for its eager audiences. When visiting the Amsterdam Red Light District, a trip to an adult venue like this is practically a must and the Moulin Rouge is one of the most popular choices around.

To reserve your place at a professional sex show, we recommend to make an online reservation at the famous Casa Rosso erotic theatre. You can also have a drink or dinner there.

Moulin Rouge theatre

The set up here is what most people imagine when they think of sex shows in Amsterdam, a theatre set up with seats close to the stage so everyone can get a look. It is also possible to sit at the bar, where of course it is easier to get your drinks, but the waitresses walking around the room are also perfectly willing to fetch refreshments for you.

The atmosphere at Moulin Rouge Amsterdam is a lot less seedy than most people might imagine. Instead of the perverts in dirty raincoats you might expect, it is likely to find the theatre packed with young backpackers, mixed groups of guys and girls and couples of all ages. Both bachelor parties and bachelorette parties are very fond of the Moulin Rouge, due to the club's willingness to accommodate group bookings, and so finding yourself in the middle of one of these is not unusual.

Sex shows in Moulin Rouge

The shows in here are much the same as those found in other Amsterdam sex shows such as Casa Rosso. Averaging about four shows an hour, the act on stage changes regularly with breaks in between to enjoy your drinks and chat about the crazy thing you just saw a girl with a ribbon. The erotic shows are often based around a particular prop, such as a ribbon, banana, vibrator or even a penm, so you can definitely plan on taking some stories home. Comedy is often a big part of the show and audience participation is encouraged as part of the cheeky atmosphere, so don't be surprised if you find yourself eating a banana out of somewhere very strange. Strippers of both sexes are also featured, so groups of girls have something to feast their eyes on just as much as the guys.

Of course, one of the club's main attractions are the live sex shows. Even though these are advertised as constantly running, you may have to wait a while for a couples show to come on stage. In general, the performers in these shows, as well as the single performers, can be a little older than you might expect and may lack the porn star figure most people think is necessary, but with the focus more on enjoyment than eroticism it is definitely still possible to have a sexy good time here.

Amsterdam Moulin Rouge ticket prices

Entrance to the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam does not come cheap, with an average ticket costing €30 for entrance or €40 with four drinks tokens. While this may seem a little pricey to some, it is often open to negotiation, depending on how busy the night is and how many are in your group. Most Amsterdam sex shows want to get groups in to fill seats, so some good discount rates can be achieved if you are willing to haggle, although trying this on a very busy night is likely to get you nowhere fast. Drinks prices inside are surprisingly reasonable, and so the drinks tokens may not be as good a deal as they seem. Wheelchair access is around the back of the theatre, simply ask the doorman and he will be happy to show you through.

Moulin Rouge opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 8pm - 2am
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 2pm - 2am


Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 5-7
1012 DA   Amsterdam
The Netherlands