Atmospheric and interesting design coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Special décor, a different feel, a pool table. These locations offer much more than just weed and will transport you to far far away.

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Hand-crafted mosaics decorate the walls and floors, combined with a whimsical layout to give a relaxed, laid back atmosphere to this interesting Amsterdam coffeeshop. Big, low couches make this place ideal for large groups to chill around one table. Music is kept at a decent level and focuses on a relaxed electronic beat.

Abraxas menu gives a detailed description of each type of weed and hash sold with its effects and the staff will be happy to elaborate further if asked. Next to the weed bar is a single, carved slab of wood that serves as a beverage bar, where coffees, hot chocolates, juices, space cakes and other treats are sold.

Service: 08:00 – 01:00, everyday
Address: Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14

Amsterdam coffeeshop Abraxas seating Amsterdam coffeeshop Abraxas bar



Prix d’Ami Coffeeshop

Supporting three floors in a location that is five minutes from Centraal Station this design Amsterdam coffeeshop invites a young crowd. With videogames, eight pool tables and a big cinema room, this coffeeshop caters to every occasion and every kind of person.

This establishment also boosts a complete food and drinks menu - with crepes, toasties, eggs, milkshakes and smoothies - and table service. Their weed and hash cart is also vast, with different and special strains showing on a TV screen with the THC percentage. The amnesia haze is 11.00 for one gram and their selection leans to the expansive side. The staff is professional but can be a little rude when the coffeeshop is busy, which happens quite often.

Service: 07.00 - 01.00, everyday
Address: Haringpakkerssteg 3

Amsterdam coffeeshop Prix d’Ami entrance Amsterdam coffeeshop Prix d’Ami seating



De Dampkring

George Clooney and Brad Pitt were both here to film a scene from Ocean's 12 movie and this has been a big draw for other actors and fans to follow their footsteps. Their menu is very detailed and shows the taste, the smell and the effect of each weed and hash strain sold there. Their display counter is also beautiful, complete with a friendly service and fair prices - their Amnesia Supreme is 11.00 euros.

Dampkring has very welcoming atmosphere, with a stylish decoration that is a mix of fantastical and oriental, with cool orange lamps that illuminate the place with just the right amount of light.  The place is small, with just a few tables and a long bar, serving fresh coffee, a delicious hot Belgian hot chocolate, fresh tea, milkshakes, cakes and muffins. It is a very interesting Amsterdam coffeeshop to relax, appreciate the calm vibe, the real flowers in the counter and the jazzy sounds in the background.

Service: 10.00 - 01.00, everyday
Address: Handboogstraat 29

Amsterdam coffeeshop De Dampkring entrance Amsterdam coffeeshop De Dampkring seating