Amsterdam Smartshops

Interior space of Amsterdam Smartshop Azarius

Smart shops sell so called smart drugs. Legal products that claim to have various psychoactive effects. From recreational highs to improving cognitive functions.

What can be bought in smartshops

For example energizers, relaxers, aphrodisiacs, psychedelics, concentration and focus enhancers, health and nutrition supplements, accessories of all kinds ...

Magic mushrooms in Amsterdam smartshops

Psychedelic mushrooms have been made illegal in The Netherlands in 2008. But you still can buy so called magic truffles. They grow underground instead of above it but still contain the same psychoactive substance "psilocybin". There are more kinds of them and they are legally sold in Amsterdam smart-shops. For now.

BEWARE: Choose a good smartshop

There are many stories about products that were bought in Amsterdam smartshop and being without desired effect or of poor quality. Read this and think about which shop you visit.

There are smartshops in Amsterdam that we don't feel trust towards. Imagine a small corner shop, that may be just a "tourist trap". Administrated by someone who will say anything that is needed to sell. Maybe even operated by some foreign "businessman" who doesn't have connection to local culture and just wants to make easy money by selling inferior products to tourists who do not know. Amsterdam is a touristic area and yes... such things happen.

But there are also smartshops that have been in Amsterdam for a long time and have some history beind them:

  • Kokopelli
  • Tatanka
  • Azarius
  • Magic Mushroom Gallery

We also trust smartshops that have a bigger idea. Not only a small shop with little responsibility. Some Amsterdam smartshops also have internet presence and e-shops. With such larger idea comes responsiliblity and verification by more orders and bigger brand. Which is legal in The Netherlands even when shipping to all european countries.

Amsterdam smartshops location

They are all located in the historic part of town within the main canal ring. But we still recommend to not buy from the first you find. Some of them do seem to beSo if you would like to find one just walk through those streets and you can be sure you will see one sooner or later.

Difference between coffeeshop and smartshop

Amsterdam smartshop cannot sell marijuana or hash products containing active THC chemical. For that a special government licence is needed which only coffeeshops have.

Smart drugs effects and risks

Even though these products do not contain illegal grugs, their effects might range from weak to strong. Some products may contain just vitamins and antioxidants, but some might contain powerful psychedelics or stimulants. And the effects might last for hours. Therefore be careful and do not consume too much of the product. It is much better to start slowly a gradually increase the dosage.

Herbs and plants in smartshops

For example guarana, cola nut, skullcap, valerian, magic truffles, gingko biloba, ginseng, salvia, hop extract, muira puama, damiana, wild dagga, mulungu and more.

Accessories and related products in smartshops

For example cannabis seeds, mushroom spores, grow kits, drug tests, pipes, vaporizers, souvenirs, arts, books and more.

Approach to drug abuse in The Netherlands

The Netherlands, although a signatory to the international conventions about combating drugs, have a tolerant approach to the drug abuse. Treating it more as a health matter similar to the alcohol abuse or smoking of the tobacco. The Dutch perceive addictions as much wider issue, pointing to addiction to prescriptions medicines, addiction to to gambling or to the modern video games addiction. The Dutch have a policy of not prosecuting the minor drug offences, and not enforcing some of the existing laws regarding the sale of small quantities of cannabis (marijuana).