Azarius Smartshop in Amsterdam

Smartshop Azarius, located close to Leidseplein at Kerkstraat 119, is as much an information centre for those interested in alternative lifestyles and exploring consciousness as it is a place to purchase legal highs. With a wide selection of products on offer, this Amsterdam smartshop can almost guarantee to have something you're looking for; from herbal teas with relaxing, invigorating or even aphrodisiac effects to pills designed to combat the after effects of a heavy night out. But it is in the advice offered and its knowledgeable staff that Smartshop Azarius sets itself apart.

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Smartshop Azarius InteriorWhile many smartshops might sell you a legal high and leave it at that, the staff at Azarius take a more involved role. Do you want to know the best way to prepare an invigorating tea? Perhaps you are looking for advice on how to grow the cacti you just bought to their best extent, or even find a place within the city of Amsterdam that is calming enough to be suitable for expanding your consciousness? The multi-lingual staff are happy to help in Dutch, English, Portuguese, German or Spanish.

For those experienced with natural or alternative highs, the staff offer recommendations and suggestions as to what may suit a person's particular tastes; for example, should you be searching for a mellow high, you will be guided towards products to get you there while warned off those that may be too intense. For less experienced or first-time customers, the level-headed staff can answer almost any question you may have in order to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Smartshop Azarius InteriorAzarius is even working on an interactive map that will point out underground clubs, alternative museums, welcoming coffeeshops and relaxing places in Amsterdam. In addition to the advice offered, each product for sale in Azarius is clearly labelled and explained to reduce confusion and uncertainty, which can be the largest hurdle for visitors to many Amsterdam smartshops.

Azarius also stocks a dazzling array of vaporisers, ranging from large deluxe models for € 300 that offer excellent capacity, to smaller portable handheld vaporisers for as little as € 14. Azarius is also one of the only Amsterdam smartshops that allows customers to test vaporisers before buying, so you can be sure to get the right machine to suit your needs. This is a smartshop not a coffeeshop however, so the staff cannot provide anything to put into the vaporisers.

The Azarius smartshop is an extension of the Azarius webshop, which offers an unparalleled selection of products. While the smartshop cannot stock everything the website offers, it serves as a community point for those who appreciate alternative lifestyles to meet, get advice and share experiences.


Tuesday - Thursday, 12:00 to 18:00;
Friday and Saturday, 12:00 to 21:00.


Azarius Smartshop in Amsterdam
Kerkstraat 119
1017 GE   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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