Baba Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Baba EntranceBaba is the typical example of a Red Light District Amsterdam coffee shop. Sitting on a prominent corner of the busy tourist haven of Warmoesstraat, the Eastern-themed Baba is filled with visitors from a variety of countries enjoying a smoke surrounded by sex shops and adult theatres.


The atmosphere at Baba is lively, with loud music tending towards hip hop and high-octane electronic dance music that seems at odds with the Hindu imagery that features prominently in the coffee shop’s decoration. Couches at the back offer a place to relax, while high tables and stools line the front of this Amsterdam coffee shop. The wide windows lining this corner building offer a perfect chance for people watching on Warmoesstraat; a street guaranteed to show some interesting characters.

The coffee shop menu here – hidden around the corner from the main bar – is focused on strong strains, while the prices are fairly typical for a Red Light District coffee shop; leaning towards the expensive side. Jars of herbal tobacco substitute sit on each table, in accordance with the Amsterdam smoking ban. For those looking for a souvenir, a nice selection of t-shirts and smoking paraphernalia is available behind the bar.


Coffeeshop Baba InsideBaba is one of the best-located Amsterdam coffee shops, situated as it is on the corner of Warmoesstraat and Oudbrugsteeg – a nice shortcut to the bustling Damrak and its many shops. On the other side of the street, the Red Light District begins as can be seen from the many nearby sex shops. To get to Baba from Central Station, simply follow Damrak to the beginning of the Beurs van Berlage – the large red brick building on the left hand side – and turn left along Oudbrugsteeg. The prominent Hindu imagery of Baba should make it pretty hard to miss on your right hand side.

Opening Hours

Mon-Thurs: 08:30-01:00
Fri-Sun: 08:00-01:00


Baba Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Warmoesstraat 64
1012 JH   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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