Best Friends II Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

This little Amsterdam coffee shop, found down a flight of stairs in the middle of the Nine Streets shopping district, is a perfect getaway for weary shoppers looking to rest their feet and relax. It is the sister (or perhaps best friend) coffee shop to Best Friends I, found in the east of the city.


Best Friends II Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Heading down the steps into Best Friends II, it may be easy to be put off by the high counter and security door leading to the smoking room. One word with the friendly staff, however, and you will feel right at home. The smoking room itself, which is separated from the rest of the coffee shop so that visitors can smoke tobacco, is comfortable and well laid out; with benches lining the walls and quirky, leather-bound chairs that might remind many people of schoolrooms.

The coffee shop menu at Best Friends II is a particular highlight. A wide selection of products, ranging in price from the low end of the spectrum to high-priced, premium smokes. The staff members are particularly happy to discuss what’s on offer and make recommendations as to their own personal favourites. The usual selection of coffees and soft drinks found in most Amsterdam coffee shops accompanies the smoking menu.

Best Friends II Coffeeshop in Amsterdam


Best Friends II is found in the middle of the Nine Streets, in the picturesque Jordaan area. A former working class residential zone, the Jordaan has since been gentrified into a maze of boutique cafés, art galleries and vintage clothing stores. Its location makes this Amsterdam coffee shop a great place to wait while some members of your group go shopping, or to rest weary feet during your own shopping spree.

Opening Hours

Daily: 07:00 – 01:00


Best Friends II Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Huidenstraat 13a
1016 ER   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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