Coffee Shop Johnny in Amsterdam

Coffee Shop Johnny AmsterdamFound just off Jordaanplein, this Amsterdam coffee shop strangely is not named after the popular folk singer. The owner just happens to also be called Johnny. A small place with just a few stools here and there, Coffee Shop Johnny is mostly a place for locals to pick up their regular order on the way home.


Despite being primarily a takeaway coffeeshop, it is also very possible to sit inside for a smoke and a chat with the welcoming and friendly staff. There is a tiny smoking section inside, separated by a clear glass wall. It is allowed to roll anywhere inside but Amsterdam smoking laws mean this is the only area to smoke in.

The coffee shop menu has all the usual staples visitors come to expect from Amsterdam coffee shops, starting from a reasonable price point reaching up to the 15 euro per gram range. As always, if you have any questions ask the staff. The folks working at Coffee Shop Johnny are a particularly friendly bunch, and their advice is top notch on everything from taste to precautions with edibles and Dutch nederwiet, which may be stronger than visitors are used to.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop JohnnyLocation

Coffee Shop Johnny can be found in the Jordaan, almost exactly on the Johnny Jordaanplein, a popular spot for Amsterdam’s many street festivals. The location makes it relatively easy walking distance from both the picturesque, boutique-filled Jordaan streets and the Leidseplein nightlife square.

Opening Hours

Daily: 10:00 – Midnight


Coffee Shop Johnny in Amsterdam
Elandsgracht 3
1016 TM   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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