Pablow Picasso Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Pablow PicassoWith a modern interior housed in an old-style Dutch house, this Amsterdam coffee shop is a nice spot to relax close to Central Station. Don’t let the cramped ground floor put you off, there are usually plenty of seats upstairs in a great position to look out on the busy Singel-Haarlemmerstraat intersection.


Pablow Picasso often feels like two coffee shops. Downstairs the owner mixes with local regulars, chatting in Dutch, while upstairs is almost exclusively the domain of visiting tourists. Plastic chairs make for less of cosy atmosphere than other Amsterdam coffee shops, but there are a couple of comfortable nooks and crannies, particularly a beanbag-filled spot under the stairs. The décor, unsurprisingly, features prints of works by a certain painter. Pablow Picasso is one of the earliest opening coffee shops in Amsterdam, perfect for those early risers.

Visitors must buy a minimum of one gram from the coffee shop menu, with prices starting around EUR 5. While it doesn’t have the most extensive menu in Amsterdam, Pablow Picasso offers deals on certain strains. Turning to drinks, it’s worth noting that the bar serves cans of juice and soft drinks rather than the one-sip glass bottles found in many other Amsterdam coffee shops.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Pablow PicassoLocation

Pablow Picasso’s location means it is a great place to make your first or last port of call close to Central Station. The Haarlemmerstraat shopping street stretches away from the station with its boutiques, bars and vintage stores. The Singel canal starts just outside Picasso and can be followed south to take you through the heart of the city.

Opening Hours

Daily 07:00 – 23:00


Pablow Picasso Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Haarlemmerstraat 6
1013 ER   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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