Touristic coffeeshops in Amsterdam

These places can get crowded with a mix of locals, expats and tourists. All looking for a good time. Located in the center of the city and offering good weed selection with cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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Bluebird has long been one of the most popular Amsterdam touristic coffeeshops, standing on eastern side of the Red Light District, outside of the city centre. Popular with backpackers, the coffeeshop can get very crowded.

Tall stools and counters provide space for clientele to sit and smoke, while the enclosed area for tobacco smokers features a few couches. The psychedelic décor and winding stairs hint back to Amsterdam’s heyday as a hippy haven. Their menu is one of its primary draws, while not for the light of wallet, the range of strains on offer is sure to delight anybody that appreciates quality smoke. Prices range from EUR 12.50 per gram for regular strains, all the way up to EUR 50 for some top-shelf options.

Service: 09.30 – 01.00, every day
Address: Sint Antoniesbreestraat, 71

Amsterdam coffeeshop Bluebird entrance Amsterdam coffeeshop Bluebird seating




Since its start, this place has been well known as a very friendly coffeeshop for tourists, travelers and back packers. The deco recreates the atmosphere of an old apothecary. The company has three main locations all centred around the same street corner on Haarlemmerstraat: Barney’s Coffeeshop, Barney’s Farm and Barney’s Uptown. And everyone can bring the purchases from Barney’s Coffeeshop to any of the sister locations to enjoy.

The offerings in Barney’s are notably more expensive than in many other Amsterdam coffee shops, with Barney’s reputable name and long pedigree of awards for its products being the reason.

Service: 08.00 – 01.00, every day
Address: Haarlemmerstraat 102

Amsterdam coffeeshop Barneys bar Amsterdam coffeeshop Barneys seating



Bulldog Leidesplein

Bulldog bar (up-stairs) and coffeeshop (basement) is a famous attraction at Leidseplein, often visited by large organized groups of tourists.

Called "The Bulldog Havri" this Amsterdam coffeeshop popular with tourists was built inside an old Police station building. The atmosphere of the police days has been recreated for a unique experience. A collection of police and criminals’ artifacts can be viewed and passing some time in the jail cells is highly recommended after the services offered by the officer on duty (who is selling weed).

Service: 08.00 – 01.00, every day
Address: Leidseplein 17

Amsterdam coffeeshop Bluebird entrance Amsterdam coffeeshop Bluebird seating



Smokey Palace

Right in the middle of Rembrantplein and next to the Smokey nightclub – which is run by the same owners – this is a very busy Amsterdam touristic coffeeshop. Staff members are certainly polite and helpful, but expect to have your bag searched on entry and be sure to bring ID.

The interior of the coffee shop is a large, cavernous neon-lit space with three pool tables in the back. The coffee shop menu starts from about EUR 10 and moves up to much more expensive strains. In a nice touch, the menu here is a glass sheet with the products and prices under it so you can get a look at what you are buying. Here, you can also enjoy some fresh juices and special Marijuana teas.

Service: 10:00-01:00, every day
Address: Rembrandtplein 24

Amsterdam coffeeshop Bluebird entrance Amsterdam coffeeshop Bluebird seating