The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel in Amsterdam

This Flying Pig branch is situated in perhaps the most touristy zone in Amsterdam. During the day, Nieuwendijk is a busy shopping street, to become very quiet after the shopping hours. The Dam square is also closeby. Breakfast is served and there is a hostel bar too. The Flying Pigs accept people above 18 and under 40 years of age.

The smoking room at The Downtown is at the back of the hostel and it has enough space for you to crash on one of the many comfy couches. For all you Piggies coming over in the summer, we also have a little terrace attached to the smoking section so just put on your flip-flops and chill out in the sun.

In the old days you could smoke everywhere in the Flying Pig Hostels, but due to the smoking ban introduced in 2008, you’re no longer allowed to smoke in areas where people are working. But you can smoke in the smoking area connected to the bar. You can chill out on pillows or chairs and smoke weed, hash or cigarettes while drinking and chatting to fellow guests and staff.


You can safely make a reservation through their booking engine at Just insert your visit dates into the availability check in the mid-section of the site and pick rooms after refresh.

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The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel in Amsterdam
Nieuwendijk 100
1012 MR   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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