Amsterdam houseboats for rent

Houseboat Prins Heerlijk Captains RoomAmsterdam is surrounded by picturesque canal rings. Originally ships merchandize were unloaded in the city harbor to barges and brought through Amsterdam canals to the merchants working and living in town. Today Amsterdam 2500 houseboats do not sail — they are permanently moored along the city canals. To rent a houseboat means to try this exotic, but also convenient and modern way of living.

What is it like to live in a houseboat on Amsterdam canal

Most of Amsterdam houseboats are like small houses built on water, usually with a terrace and a small garden on the deck. Today all of the houseboats are permanently connected to the city water and power system.
Some of the boats are very modern inside, with all possible luxurious amenities, but even those more modest equipped only with a small bathroom, offer Amsterdam visitors a relaxing way of stay. A light fresh breeze coming from the canals makes you feel like living in Amsterdam suburbia. While living on the boat may seem most of all romantic, it is also a way of living in the city centre without the need for constant commuting during your stay.

How to rent a rouseboat in Amsterdam

There are more than 80 Amsterdam houseboats for rent. They are usually much cheaper than similar hotel space. Several of them are located near the city centre - please check the location of the Amsterdam houseboat you intend to rent, your convenience goes first.
The reservations can be safely placed via a reliable and safe on-line reservation system Some rentals require a credit card info as a guarantee of your stay, but some don't. Your credit card will be charged only at the moment of your departure. Please use the form below to choose and rent your Amsterdam houseboat.

Be aware: Many Amsterdam houseboats are booked months ahead so you might need to try a few different dates or houseboats.