KLM Airlines

KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij) is the national air carrier of the Netherlands, its name is literally translated as Royal Aviation Company but more usually as Royal Dutch Airlines. Founded on 7 October 1919, KLM is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name.

The merging of KLM with Air France in May 2004 created Air France-KLM; however both airlines continue to fly under distinct brand names. KLM's main base is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the airline offers flights from here to numerous locations across the globe.


KLM customers can book online at www.klm.com, taking advantage of the airlines lowest booking fee of EUR 10 per ticket. It is also possible to book tickets over the phone by calling KLM's customer service centre on +31 20 5459780. Booking over the phone carries a booking fee of EUR 25 per ticket within Europe, EUR 35 outside. If you prefer to speak face-to-face, KLM has numerous ticket offices internationally. These can be found via the KLM website and a booking fee of EUR 45 applies.

Baggage Allowance

Luggage allowance on KLM flights varies depending on the type of flight and its destination, usually different for intercontinental flights than those within Europe. In general checked baggage allowance with KLM starts at a maximum of 20 kg for Economy passengers and 30 kg for Business Class passengers. Passengers should visit the Checked Baggage Allowance section of the KLM website for more details.

Hand Baggage

The size and weight restrictions for hand baggage with KLM are one piece of L55 x W25 x H35 cm weighing not more than 12 kg for Economy passengers. Business Class passengers are allowed one piece of maximum L55 x W25 x H35 cm and one piece smaller than L45 x W20 x H35 cm, with a maximum combined weight of 18 kg.

Flying Blue

Flying Blue is KLM's frequent flyer programme. Flyers earn miles by travelling with KLM or other members of Sky Team such as Air France, Kenya Airways or Air Europa. Each mile flown grants the customer one Award Mile and one Level Mile. Award miles are used to claim rewards such as hotel tickets and car rental offers. Level miles are used to move to higher levels in Flying Blue's membership, with each level granting additional benefits over the one below.

Popular Routes

KLM flies to hundreds of destinations around the globe; the airline's top five destination cities according to their website are: London, Paris, New York, Rome and Barcelona.

Flights UK to Amsterdam

KLM flights to London operate 19 times daily, with 11 flights to Heathrow and 8 to London's City Airport. Current earliest flights are at 07:10 to City Airport and 07:15 to Heathrow, the latest flight is at 20:25 to London Heathrow. KLM flights from Amsterdam Schiphol to London have an average duration of 1 hour 20 minutes.

Flights Paris to Amsterdam

Flights with KLM from Amsterdam Schiphol to Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport run 12 times daily. Flights operate between 06:50 and 20:50 and have an expected duration of 1 hour 15 minutes.

KLM flights to New York operate 4 times daily for direct flights and 7 times daily indirectly, via Paris Charles De Gaulle and Detroit Wayne County. Direct flights have an expected duration from 7 hours 50 minutes to 8 hours 40 minutes, while indirect flights range from 10 hours 20 minutes to 13 hours 20 minutes.

KLM flights to Rome operate between Amsterdam Schiphol and Rome's Flumicino Airport 4 times daily. Earliest current flights are at 06:55 and latest at 20:20. Flights are direct and should be expected to last an average of 2 hours 20 minutes.

Flights from Amsterdam to Barcelona with KLM operate 6 times daily direct and 8 times daily indirect via Paris Charles De Gaulle. Direct flights operate between 06:50 and 20:35 with an expected duration of 2 hours 10 minutes. Indirect flights start at 07:25 and can take from 3 hours 45 minutes to 5 hours 40 minutes.


Customer Service Centre
Tel: + 31 20 4747747

Customer Care
Tel: +31 20 5459780
Fax: +31 20 6488537

Postal Address
Amsterdamseweg 55,
1182 GP Amstelveen
Postbus 7700,
1117 ZL Luchthaven Schiphol