Prostitution Information Center in Amsterdam

Red Light District or as Amsterdam inhabitants call it - De Wallen (The Walls, because the old city walls demolished centuries ago to build the area stood here) surprises you with contrasts. Dutch people like contrasting human activities, diverse ways of life, and the architecture which serves them. Everything is human and as long as nobody is violated or forced to suffer, a lot is allowed.

Around the Old Church

The big, old St. Nicholas Church called commonly The Old Church (De Oude Kerk) is central to the Red Light District. Almost in front of the church you will see the information point and a shop of the Prostitution Information Center – PIC.
But this is not an the only contrast shocking the visitor: to the left of the church you will find The Princess Juliana Basic School for small children aged 4 to 12, next to several windows with immigrant prostitutes standing there day and night, mainly from Africa and Asia. To the right you will have small alleys with more prostitutes in their windows; couple of cafes and directly at the church wall you may see a small, bronze Prostitute Monument.

Prostitution Information Center - PIC

Prostitution InfocenterEstablished in 1994 by a young and intelligent Mariska Majoor, who began to work as a prostitute at the age of 16, Prostitution Information Center played an important part in the change of the Dutch laws regarding prostitution. A charitable foundation located in the middle of the Red Light District took on itself a task of informing the public about social conditions of women working in the sex industry. PIC defends the rights of the prostitutes, fights for their respect, and tries to bring the change in their social situation by introduction of the new laws which would protect them.

De Wallenwinkel (The PIC Red Light District Store)

Prostitution Information Center runs a store, which also serves as its public information office. The shop is called De Wallenwinkel from the Dutch name of the whole area. You may find there books about prostitution, folders as well as information about the laws and some handy information about the prostitution in the Netherlands, even from the client point of view as well as guides and maps of the area. The store organizes lectures (illustrated with slides) about the subject and tours around the Red Light Quarter.


12.a.m. – 7 p.m.; closed on Mondays

The Tours around Red Light District

De Wallenwinkel organizes guided tours around the area. The tours leave from the shop every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 5 p.m. They last for about 1 hour. The tickets are € 12.50

The tours are in guided Dutch and English and led in small groups of visitors. Your guide will be a former prostitute, often the founder of the PIC, Mariska Majoor herself. If you are in a group bigger than 4 people, you can make a reservation for a tour on any day of your choice.

If you feel embarrassed visiting Red Light District in a group, you may choose for a self guided tour. You may download on-line a small booklet which will guide you around (for € 3,-) and print it yourself, or buy it at the Wallenwinkel shop.


Prostitution Information Center in Amsterdam
Enge Kerksteeg 3
1012 GV   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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