How to Use the Airport Train Ticket Machines

Amsterdam train buy ticketsThe first challenge for many first time visitors is buying a train ticket from the airport to the city center. You cannot buy tickets on the train. The ticket machines do not provide instructions in English and can be a bit confusing. The machines give change but do not accept bills, so be sure to have some coins on hand. Or you can buy online tickets through the following link and avoid complications.
Buy an Amsterdam train tickets from airport to city online.

If you decide to buy tickets in the airport ticket machines follow this guide:

Step 1: Enter the four-digit number on the upper key pad corresponding to your destination listed on the left side of the machine. The code for central station is 1000. The code going to Schiphol is 1117.

Step 2: Press the lighted button marked “2e Klas” for second class or “1e Klas” for first. (Note: there is almost no difference between first and second class travel in Holland)

Step 3: Press the “Vol Tarief” button for a full tariff or “Korting” if you happen to have a discount train card.

Step 4: Press “Alleen Vandaag Geldig” if traveling today or “Zonder Datum” if you want your ticket to be valid for some other date.

Step 5: Press “Enkele Reis” for a one-way ticket or one of the “Retour” buttons for a return ticket valid for a return trip on the same day (or "Weekendretour" valid from Friday 19.00 to Monday 4 o'clock).

Step 6: Insert the amount indicated.

Step 7: Collect your ticket and any change in the basket near the bottom of the machine and hop aboard your train.

Please note:

Undated tickets (option: “Zonder Datum”) must be validated in the stamper ("Stempelautomaat") before entering the platform.


For authorized information on buying tickets for NS please visit the official Dutch Railways web site.