Mind the weather, traffic and responsibility. Store your luggage.

2 options:

Luggage lockers at Central Station

For most people they are fine. Open 5am to 1am every day of the week.

Be aware of these facts:

  • Every opening of the locker door cancels the bought time. If you want to take something from your bag, and leave the bag in storage, you will need to pay again. The time you had left will get deleted.
  • During the night there is no personell. Only computer machine. In case of problems there will be no help.
  • Maximum storage time is 3 days.
  • May be full. No reservation.
  • Only card payment. No cash.


Small Locker - 45cm x 35cm x 85cm
first 24 hours = €8.50 / 24h
25 - 72 hours = €11.50 / 24h

Large Locker - 60cm x 35cm x 85cm
first 24 hours = €11.50 / 24h
25 - 72 hours = €17.25 / 24h

For details about operation visit our page on
how to operate luggage lockers in central station

Internet luggage storage services

Recently, it became popular to use websites that can show you the locations of other businesses that can store your luggage.

Businesses like hotels or shops use their unused non-public and locked space for this purpose. Quality and safety is inspected by local service inspector employee.

There are multiple competing luggage storage websites. But they all work very similarly. So just pick one you like:

They all have many locations close Amsterdam Central Station and in the centre of the city.

They all have price around €6 / bag / day. Size doesn't matter.

Many people prefer to do their luggage storage this way. After you register your information you can travel and use this service in any city.

You input your city and date and it shows you the locations on a map. You pick location, insert your information and make a reservation. If you do not come to deposit luggage all money will be returned. There is no cancellation fee.

Is it worth it?

There is a short process you need to go through. And it does take a little time and little money. But your vacationing energy is probably worth more.

Because it is wise to take into account also some uncomfortable truths. That the city of Amsterdam is most of the time full of traffic and the weather is often unstable and uncomfortable. It is not great to have to always think about your things in a crowded public places. And if it starts to rain, the dirt will make it even worse. You will be exhausted rather quickly.

It is better to leave your bags at storage and enjoy the city freely.