Luggage lockers at Amsterdam Central Station

Walkhall to Lockers

The self serving luggage lockers (Dutch: bagagekluizen) at the Central Station are in the East wing of the station (right side of the building looking from the city centre), in a separate area open daily 5am to 1am. Convenient but not cheap.

The self-operated lockers at central station are in two sizes. The smaller is 90x45x40 cm and the bigger is 90x60x40 cm.

The rate for a small locker is €7 for the first 24 hours. The bigger locker is more expensive, with first 24 hours at €10. And there is extra charge for leaving it there for longer. Maximum length of storage is 9 days.

You place your luggage in a selected locker, get a special ticket in a vending machine (accepting major credit cards) and close the locket. Memorize the number of your locket. Do not lose the ticket as it will cost you an extra fee of €10.

If you prefer a cheaper luggage storage option, you can find an independent company 5 minutes from the central station building:  Lock luggage storage.

Amsterdam Central Station Lockers

The maximum rental period is 9 days. After this period, the luggage is removed and sent to the Central Lost Property Office in Utrecht. To collect it one has to travel there. There is a charge of 70 Euros for collecting the luggage removed from the locker plus the full storage fee for 9 days.

Our advice is to use this storage facility for a day or two. It is convenient because there is always a service person there to help you out in case of any problem with a locker or paying machine. For a longer period if you decide to travel in the Netherlands we advice you to arrange the storage of your luggage at the hotel you stayed. Most of hotels have a special luggage room for their guests.