Luggage Lockers - Details and How to

The Dutch word for luggage lockers is bagagekluizen.

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The self serving luggage lockers at the Amsterdam Central Station are in the East wing of the station. That is the left side of the building when you are leaving the station building through the main exit.

When trying to find them look for the sign as on the photo below.

amsterdam central station luggage lockers sign

Opening hours

They are in a separate area open 5am to 1am every day of the week Monday to Sunday. There is no personell during the night. Only computer machine. In case of problems there will be no help.

Size of lockers

The self-operated lockers at central station are in two sizes.

The smaller has opening size of 45cm x 35 cm and is 85cm deep.

The larger has opening size of 60cm x 35cm ang is 85cm deep.

amsterdam central station luggage lockers area


Payment is available only with a bank card. No cash is accepted.

The 2 sizes of lockers have different prices.

The smaller is priced at €7.50 for the first 24 hours. For storage between 25 and 72 hours you pay €11.25 for 24 hours.

The larger is priced at €11.00 for the first 24 hours. For storage between 25 and 72 hours you pay €16.50 for 24 hours.

So to make it cheaper you can come to the station and re-book the locker each day.

Limitations & Penalties

If you lose your locker ticket you will have to pay a penalty of €10.

Only 3 consecutive days of storage is permitted.

If you do not pick up your luggage during 3 days, it will be removed. It will be moved to a warehouse in Utrecht, where it will stay for 3 months before it will be destroyed. If you want to get your luggage after this happens, you will need to pay a penalty of €70 and go through the process of getting it.

Every opening of the doors will delete the remaining rental time. To continue storing your bags you need to pay again even if your 24 hours did not expire yet.

How to use the luggage lockers

Just pick an empty locker and put your luggage inside. Then close it. The light on the locker will display a red color.

After that use the machine terminal and your bank card (VISA, Maestro, Mastercard) to pay for the first 24 hours of service. No cash.

You pay for first 24 hours in advance and if you leave your luggage in the lockers for longer, you pay for the extra time when you come pick it up.

After payment you receive a ticket that you present when you come back. If you loose the ticket there is a penalty of €10.

BE AWARE: Your rental expires if you open the locker. Make sure you have everything you need because if you open the door you need to pay again.