Going to the movies in Amsterdam

Dutch people not often go to the movies. Statistically every Dutch person goes five or four times less to the cinema than somebody in the US or France. It gives less than one statistical visit in a year for each Dutchman, including just newborn babies. Even Albanians who are poor and live in a much warmer climate are bigger cinema lovers. No wonder, Dutch cinemas are struggling to survive. Still, as in any other country, young people often go to the movies and during the weekend the Amsterdam cinemas are full, but conveniently rarely sold-out.

All movies in the Netherlands, with the exception of the movies for kids, are released in their original language version, with the Dutch subtitles. Movies for children are usually released in both versions. To see the undubbed version check the programming, the Dutch spoken version will be always marked –´Nederlands gesproken´. If there is no mention of the Dutch dubbing, the movie is shown in its original version.

Only a few years ago in Dutch cinemas, there was always an intermission in the middle of the film. You could go to the bar and get something drink, a soda or a coffee and exchange your views about the film, in the middle of it. This tradition is now fading. Most of the movies are shown "zonder pauze"– without a brake.

A printed cinema programming folder - "Film agenda", is issued in Amsterdam every Thursday for a week to follow. The dates of the listings are clearly marked on its front page. You may get it free, in the hall of every cinema. Daily newspapers also often publish the cinema program, but as a rule on Thursday when the movies program changes.