Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light FestivalA relatively new event - Amsterdam Light Festival with ‘The Illuminade' - a walking path along the light sculptures installed at the Old Town canals for the time of the festival and the ‘Water Colours’ boat route along the light installations reflected in water, will make your stay in winter Amsterdam more attractive. While the winter time days are shorter, evening hours begin already at 4 P.M., the festival under the theme ‘A Bright City’ strives to bring more light into the cold season. It offers visitors 40 light installations created by international artists, as well as special events, performances and workshops.

Amsterdam Light Festival tickets

‘The Illuminade’ walking route is free, but you will need tickets if you intend to take the boat cruise.
Book the Lights Festival cruise tickets in advance.

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Light Festival private boat cruise option.

Visiting the Amsterdam Light Festival

Last years Amsterdam winters are mild and people even talk about the climate change, nevertheless winter evenings are often windy, humid and cold. Still, Amsterdam Light Festival is worth seeing. A walk among the light sculptures reflected in water of canals will leave you with lasting impressions. The city centre is not big, you will be able to walk through the whole installation within an hour. Dress warm and do not forget your camera. If the weather is harsh, you may decide to see the light sculptures from the warmth of the inside of a tourist boat cruising along the city canals along the especially arranged ‘Water Colours’ route.

Technically not the easiest task - electrical installations among water, wind and rain. The organisers of the Amsterdam Light Festival manage it well - do not miss it next winter.

Amsterdam Light Festival dates

Generally mid-November each year to mid January the next year.

This year, the festival will start on November 30th 2017 and finish on January 21st 2018. 53 consecutive days in which designs from artists all over the world can be enjoyed at Amsterdam's Canals

Amsterdam Light Festival place

Different places along the canal ring, the walking route along the Keizersgracht canal and several special events in the area of the Hortus Botanicus - Amsterdam Botanical Garden and in the Frankendael Park. “Water Colours’ boat route starts and ends at the Central Station.

Amsterdam Light Festival opening hours

each evening 5 P.M. - 10 P.M. for the walking route.

For the performances and one time events check their website or printed programme