Little Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Little EntranceLittle is a small basement club just downstairs from the sidewalk of Vijzelgracht.

Little is a good alternative to the Mellow Yellow which is down the street. Good prices and friendly staff. Since not on the tourist beaten track, many locals come to buy their daily joint over here. Little is also not the place for everyone, however some people love it. Don't bump your head.

The grass is very good and not too expensive - about 6 EUR per gram, and Bio Special for 7,50 EUR (on the picture). They also sell cakes, chocolate bon-bons and a selection of Moroccan hashes.

Inside LittleLittle is located on Vijzelgracht, a block north of the Weteringschans circle, convenient to Euphemia Hotel which is just over the corner. 

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri:  8 am - 12 pm
Sat-Sun: 8 am - 1 am


Little Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Vijzelgracht 47
1017 HP   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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