The Rookies Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Rookies EntranceWith over 17 years' history in Amsterdam, The Rookies' name can be misleading. Opened in 1992, this Amsterdam coffeeshop got its name as the owners were then the youngest in the coffeeshop trade. They had a different approach to coffeeshop culture and you can see this in the relaxed, non-touristy feel of the place.


Always known for its 'publike' atmosphere, the ban on alcohol in coffeeshops has actually done little to diminish this. The clientele is a good mix of expats, tourists and locals, and lots of chat can usually be heard over the music, which tends to be kept at a level to allow conversation. The soundtrack to The Rookies is itself a varied mix of reggae, rock and other tunes to roll to. The interior is nicely decorated and interesting to stare at, while seating remains at the usual Amsterdam coffeeshop level of wooden chairs at long, narrow tables.


Coffeeshop Rookies insidePerhaps the most distinctive feature of The Rookies is its extra-large smoking lounge, somewhat of a luxury in Amsterdam coffeeshops. This sealed off area can fit up to 70 people and, thanks to the handy tray hatches that allow the staff to avoid the place, you are welcome to smoke all the tobacco you want along with your weed or hash. Of course if you prefer smoking pure then bongs and other paraphernalia are available behind the bar for a refundable deposit. The beverage bar offers the same treats as most coffeeshops, although their selection of cakes, both space and normal, deserves a special mention.


The Hostel Uptown, formerly known as Rookies Hotel, is located right beside the coffeeshop and has 12 rooms for those looking to stay right in the centre of things. Most rooms are doubles, but 3 single rooms are also available and breakfast is served daily. All rooms come with their own safe, telephone, TV and ensuite bathroom with shower or bath.


Just a short walk from Leidseplein, The Rookies has a nice central location, although it is a bit of a trek, or a short tram ride on the 1, 2 or 5, from Centraal Station. Starting at Leidseplein, keep the Burger King on your left hand side and walk down Korte Leidsedwarsstraat. Towards the end of the street, past a horde of Italian restaurants, the distinctive clouds-and-cherub sign of the coffeeshop should be visible on the left hand side.


The Rookies Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145 - 147
1017 PZ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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