Dutch language

Dutch is not only the language of 16 million people in the Netherlands, but also of 6 million people in Flanders, Belgium. For most people it will be difficult to learn Dutch. We will start with a few words and find out if you like the idea you can switch to Learn Dutch:

Yes: Ja (Yah)
No: Nee (Nay)
Thanks: Bedankt (B'dunked)
Please: Graag (hkrahk)
Sorry: sorry (sorry, with rolled r)
Excuse me: pardon (parDON).

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Lesson One = Les Een
Hello, I am Hans Brinker = Hallo,Ik ben Hans Brinker
Who are you? = Wie bent U?
Good morning = Goedemorgen
Good afternoon = Goedemiddag
Good evening = Goedenavond