Suggested walking routes in Amsterdam

City walks in Amsterdam

If you feel like wandering the town by yourself then happily continue reading and these pages will give you suggestions for routes and time efficiency of your visit.

If you feel like touring the town with a knowledgeable guide, then have a look at our
guided Amsterdam tours website.

Guided tour vs. exploring by yourself

Touring a city with a guide can be interesting because they can tell you amusing stories and facts along the way. And also can answer your questions that you may have. If you attend a tour with more people you might get to know someone interesting and there might be a festive atmosphere in a larger group.

However some people might preffer to walk the city by themselves. The reason might be privacy, flexibility or budget. If this is your case, you might find the following pages helpful.

One day in Amsterdam

Our suggestions for how to efficiently spend one day in Amsterdam. Take a canal boat cruise, try dutch traditional food, visit the most popular museums, visit the main city park, do some shopping or and see the chinatown, and finish it with a visit to the red light district.

Two days in Amsterdam

Some more museums, tranquil compound, districts outside of old town, canal houses, some high culture, and pubs and clubs.

Three days in Amsterdam

Finishing what's undone, more museums, windmills, villages, markets, and some more bars.

Historic walking route through Amsterdam

This route will give you an overview of the historic center of Amsterdam and the canal ring. Wander through the city and soak up the architecture of Amsterdam’s Golden Age.

Bicycle route through Amsterdam

From the center of old town by the canals and beyond, this tour provides a great overview of the larger city area and a little taste of feeling a little more Dutch on a bicycle.

Red light district walking route

This tour takes you through the Red Light District as well as the major nightlife areas of Amsterdam.

Day trips from Amsterdam

There are definitely many interesting cities and places in The Netherlands. It is a shame that many tourists see and are satisfied with only Amsterdam. Read about the options to visit these cities, towns and villages on our daytrips pages.