Holland Festival in Amsterdam

Holland Festival is the Netherlands' largest international artistic festival established in 1947, and taking place each year in Amsterdam. It covers wide scope of cultural events from the fields of theater, opera, music and dance and additionally always brings interesting films and artistic shows. Its approach is anti-elitist but at the same time trying to show the current top. This gives an interesting choice of the newest and sometimes unknown events combined with already recognized artistic achievements. Holland Festival has usually one general theme like Oppression & Compassion (in 2007), Cielo e Terra (in 2008).

Holland Festival also aims at bringing artistic events which would be popular with wider public (as pop music concerts) and braking the barriers between so called 'low art´ and 'high art´.'The future is with impure art´ - states its program. Holland Festival organizes interesting meetings, conferences and issues its own publications.


Last days of May and June each year


Stadsschouwburg, Het Concertgebouw, Het Muziektheater, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Royal Carré Theater, Westergasfabriek, Bellevue Theater


The tickets for the most popular events should be reserved in advance. As they are subsidized, tickets are usually not expensive (starting as low as € 7,50).

More information at: http://www.hollandfestival.nl/