Prinsengracht Concert in Amsterdam

Prinsengracht Amsterdam concertThis open air classical music concert has a long tradition; it used to be called The Pulitzer Concert, because it is staged on pontoons floating on water just in front of the Pulitzer Hotel. Many spectators of Prinsengracht Concert arrive on boats, while scores of of them are sitting and standing on the canal's banks. The music sounds marvelous in these open, full of water surroundings. The most attractive is late evening, when the stage and its surroundings are illuminated by strong reflectors, creating a truly unique atmosphere.

Prinsengracht ConcertWhile listening to the concert is free, if you intend to get there on a boat, you are going to have a special pass to get close to the stage. Also a limited number of ticketed seats are built around the podium.


Third weekend of August each year


Prinsengracht Concert in Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 315-331
The Netherlands

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