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Beyond Amsterdam

Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam? Then you might want to see what the rest of Holland has to offer. The Dutch tourism board offers you over 500 activities in Holland. Many great reasons for visiting Amsterdam are also represented in other great Dutch cities. Are you interested in culture, museums, flowers, events or any of the other things in Amsterdam? Maybe you are interested in the rest of Holland too.

Dutch flag, the Netherlands

Museums outside Amsterdam

Amsterdam houses some great art museums because many artists used to live there. However, to broaden your perspective on Dutch art and history you must see the western art history at Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the best collection of Rietveld design, the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in The Hague, known for the ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ by Vermeer and Miffy at Centraal Museum Utrecht.

Typical Dutch

Is Amsterdam your desired destination for its windmills, flowers, cheese or traditional Dutch clothing you might come out a bit disappointed. These are all located close to it, within an hour drive by bus or train, but not represented within the city. Visiting the flower expositions at the "Keukenhof", the windmills at "Zaanse Schans" and the traditional fishing village "Volendam" are an absolute must for every first time visitor to Holland.

Experiencing the countryside

The Netherlands is a flat country below sea level, well known for its battle against the water. Many polders, dikes, canals and the ways in which these where created are best experienced from the water or by cycling through the country. These means of transportation also allow you to fully enjoy our beautiful flower fields, dunes and nature reserves.

Information beyond Amsterdam

For more detailed information on things to do outside Amsterdam you can visit the official website of The Netherlands Board of Tourism. The website could help you to create a full "Dutch" experience around your trip to Amsterdam.

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