Luggage storage in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is often full of traffic and the weather is often unstable and uncomfortable. It is better to leave your bags at storage and enjoy the city freely.

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Luggage lockers on Central Station

There is a bag storage area at the central station. And it works fine for some travellers. But they are not open 24/7, they have maximum storage time of 3 days, and there are cheaper alternatives.

For detailed info you can visit our page on luggage lockers in central station in Amsterdam.

Internet luggage storage websites

Just as with many other things there are websites for luggage storage too. You can enter the city and they will show you the locations of businesses that can store your luggage.

Independent luggage storage shops

There are also independent storage points around central station and in the old town. These are usually small shops run by enterpreneurs where you can leave your luggage for a fee. They are usually cheaper than the lockers at central station. And after a consultation it is usually possible to leave your luggage there for longer. Or leave oversized items there.