Westerstraat Market in Jordaan

Amsterdam westermarkt market

Westerstraat market (Dutch: Westermarkt) is a big outdoor market, held every Monday morning along the street Westerstraat, one of the biggest streets in the Jordaan area.

Originally a textiles market, in the recent years Westermarkt went through a transformation, offering often quality clothes and shoes, sometimes bearing the best design labels.

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About the name - Westermarkt

The Westerstraat market is often also called Westermarkt.
This might be a little confusing, because the small square behind the Westerkerk is also called Westermarkt. The Homo monument stands there. It is also the name of the tram and bus stop which stops at the Westerkerk. So when you step out of the tram on Westermarkt do not expect the actual market to be there. You have to walk Prinsengracht ca 500 meters direction North, till the wide and busy with activity cross street – Westerstaat.

The Westerstraat market

In principle - a textile market on the whole length of the Westerstraat with 170 stands, offering also general goods, cosmetics, small interrior decoration objects.

At the crossing of Westerstraat and the Prinsengracht on the Noordermarkt, an additional 60 stands: this is the most interesting part for a tourist. Often goods from shop closures, slightly defected products from the factories and shoes in strange sizes are sold here. Some of them willbear the biggest fashion names and these are authentic products.
A pair of Versace trousers will cost you € 25,-. Expensive for a market but second to nothing comparing with their original price.
In this part of the Westermart woy will find also a stand with the quality sport clothing of biggest brands as Nike and Addidas, one or two stands stand with hats(new) and one with jersey clothing for women and kids.
Also: old books, curiosa, furniture, products from Asia and Africa. Shops around the market are also open. You will find a good toy shop and some interesting interrior decoration shops on both side of the Westerstraat, close to Prinsengracht.

During the market a café near the church on the corner of Westerstraat and Noordermarkt (Café Winkel, Noordermarkt 43, opens on Monday at 7.00 a.m.) sells very good coffee and apple pie.

Westermarkt visit

A real, local market. Big and full of different products. For a visitor the best will be the part near the Noorderkerk church. As always on the market you have to search for your buy. When you find it - the size may be not exactly yours, the model is a couple of few years old, but yes – this is an authentic Armani product, for a fraction of its original price.

A reminder: As on any market in any country: beware of pickpockets.

Westermarkt opening hours

Monday morning: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm

How to get to Westermarkt

By foot: ca. 10 minutes from the Westerkerk and Anne Frank Huis
By tram: tram 3 & 10, stop Marnixbad
By car: leave your car on the big Europaparking (800 places; € 2,60 per hour), Marnixstraat 250, and walk direction North along Marnixstraat. Westerstraat and the market will be on you right hand, after ca 12 minutes walk.


Westerstraat Market in Jordaan
1015 ML   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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