Department stores and shopping centres in Amsterdam

De Bijenkorf AmsterdamThe Dutch being the nation of merchants and travelers, until very recently were shy when shopping was concerned. It is only during the last 15 years, that the consumer society ideas, took in the Netherlands over the Calvinist mentality of a simple, modest life and self-limitation. Today, Amsterdam is a great place for shopping, because it has imports from all over the world. Along with the world’s top brands, you will find here products from many small and underdeveloped countries. Additionally Amsterdam department stores often organize weeks of Asian or African countries.

Except for one (Villa Arena), all the department stores and shopping malls in Amsterdam are located within a short walking distance from the Dam square. You may compare their actual choice within couple of hours. Shopping in Amsterdam may not save you money, but will save you time and effort.

Shopping outlet


The biggest Amsterdam department store, centrally located at the Dam square - De Bijenkorf (The Beehive) is not to be missed. De Bijenkorf is an up market, luxury department store and not the utility warehouse. Do not expect a complete range of products in any of De Bijenkorf numerous departments. The choice is selective, sharp, intelligent. It will make your shopping a pleasure. Dam 1, deep left from the Queen’s Palace.


The Bonneterie department store closed in August of 2014, after 125 years of uninterrupted service to the elegant Dutch public.


Kalvertoren Shopping Centre is a big and complex all-round shopping mall at the back of the main shopping street in Amsterdam – Kalverstraat. The Kalvertoren has several shops selling fashion (H&M, Diesel, Levis, Mango, Marlboro Classics, Nike, Timberland), a general goods store in the basement (HEMA), cosmetics (Douglas), a Swatch watches shop, shops with contact lenses and spectacles (Eye Wish), an interior decoration shop (Riviera Maison), a music shop, good coffee bar, Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Located in a triangle formed by streets Kalverstraat, Heiligeweg, Singel: there are entries from Kalverstraat and the Heiligeweg.

Magna Plaza

Magna Plaza is a convenient small shopping mall, almost directly behind the Queens Palace on the Dam square. On three floors of Magna Plaza, all major worlds’ fashion brands as some very popular: women’s clothes Mango and American casual clothes - America Today and the GSUS jeans. A brasserie with an Italian food and a coffee bar. Address: Nieuwezijdse Voorburgwaal 182, located behind the Palace on the Dam square.


Metz & Coclosed in 2013. Its beautiful historical building has been taken over by an American clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch.


V&D are initials of Vroom and Dreesman, which is the biggest Dutch chain of department stores, with shops in every important city. Its Amsterdam store, addresses itself to the middle class buyer, trying to keep the prices and quality on this level. They also sell food (on the ground floor), with very good sandwiches and excellent own baked bread. You may eat the snacks along with the choice of soups, small meals, salads and cakes at the V&D restaurant La Place. Address: Rokin 203, at the Munt square; an annex V&D shop with books and stationary is at Kalverstraat 201.

Villa Arena

We do not expect you to buy your furniture during your visit to Amsterdam, but to give you a complete list: Villa Arena is a big shopping mall specialized in interior decoration. Along with the furniture, there are many gadgets, ceramics, art. A big electronic shop (Media Markt), two sports shops and a nine screen multiplex Pathé Arena cinema, AFAS Live and The Ajax Museum in a walking distance on the Arena Boulevard.
A convenient car parking and a metro station nearby, but Villa Arena is located far from the centre of Amsterdam, in proximity of the famous football club stadium - Ajax Arena, in the South East of the city - Dutch: Zuid-Oost Amsterdam. Address: Boulevard Arena 60; the car parking entry is situated on the right side of the building