Cafe Casablanca in Amsterdam

Casablanca is located on the Zeedijk at the Northern brink of Red Light District. Live jazz performances on stage happens every Sunday to Thursday, and more or less every week the jazz loving crowd gets to shake heads and snap fingers to improvisations and big-band performances from Amsterdam’s jazz elite.

Decades of jazz, dancing, drinking and stomping have given the venue a worn-out cozy atmosphere. There are not many seats to find, and on a crowded night you will have a hard time even locating a place to stand. Though, squeezing together between the big-band sized stage and the bar is a cozy way to spend the night! The live music continues a bit past midnight, and is followed by recorded jazz- and occasional blues music to 3 am weekdays.

Weekends and Thursdays Casablanca turns into a karaoke show place, packed with enthusiasts. You will get to hear many laughs, many good singers and many famous Dutch songs before the end of the night.

Outside the Casablanca entrance, have a look in the window for the monthly program. There is also a web cam feed of what is happening inside at the moment. Check out their website (in Dutch) for more info.

Besides Casablanca Music, there is Casablanca Variété, a circus café for all European circus artists to meet. You can have dinner here, choosing from a variety of meat and fish, and enjoy performances in the old-fashioned theatre circus. Entrance to the shows is €5,-


Sun-Thu 20.00-03.00
Fri-Sat 20.00-04.00


Cafe Casablanca in Amsterdam
Zeedijk 24
1012 AZ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +316 12200519

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