How to avoid Amsterdam accommodation scams

Accommodation in Amsterdam

When conducting any kind of remote business it is wise to always check and consider the trustworthiness of the partner. There are cases of someone finding a good offer and getting scammed also in Amsterdam accommodation service sector.

You can read about few basic scam checks below. But it is hard to be totally sure when dealing with not well known offers. We recommend using the large accommodation booking engine "". It is a brand portal with lots of users and many reviews for each property. You can access it via the link below.
Amsterdam accommodation listings on trusted portal.

Most common accommodation scam in Amsterdam

The most common type of Amsterdam accommodation scam is the advance payment. They advertise a rally good offer, ask for an advance payment and then never again reply to your attempts to contact them. That is why you should never pay in advance. Reputable accommodation businesses do not do this and charge you only after your stay.

How to avoid accommodation scams in Amsterdam

Here are a few things to check when evaluating accommodation offers:

  • Try to search for the offer on Google. If the agency is well known it will be among the first few search results.
  • However be aware of similar site names. Many scams try to impersonate well known brands by changing the name a little. For example by using a dash or adding a related term.
  • On "", which is a standard web service, you can get basic information about a website. Pay attention mainly to the creation date. If it is recent, be suspicious.

These are only very basic checks. We still recommend to stick to the popular ways. The little savings surely are not worth the loss of your good mood.