Amsterdam Airport Travel Tips

Whether you are a frequent flyer, or a first time traveller, there are many things you need to remember when taking a flight out of Schiphol airport, or landing there for the first time. Keep these tips in mind so your journey through Amsterdam Airport will be as stress free as possible.

Valid travel documents

Make sure you have a valid passport or national identity card. Please note that entering the Netherlands with only an identity card is not possible from all countries. Check with your embassy or travel agent the rules that apply for your nationality, and also whether you need a visa to enter the Netherlands.

Flight schedules

Before you leave to catch your flight to Amsterdam, check on your departure airport’s website whether your flight is scheduled to leave on time and as planned. When travelling from Amsterdam Airport, you can check the real-time flight departures.

Plan journey times

Plan your journey to the airport with plenty of time to allow for delays on the road, such as road works and traffic jams. For European flights leaving from Amsterdam you should check in at least two hours before departure, for intercontinental flights three hours.

Airport security

Security is very tight and all luggage is screened. There are limits to what can be taken as hand luggage, so it is advisable to put sharp objects such as scissors and penknives in your hold luggage. This rule also applies to liquids and gels, so pack the majority of cosmetics and foodstuffs in your hold luggage.

Hand baggage

When you are packing, always put important personal items such as your medicines and travel documents in your hand baggage. Do not put sharp objects or liquids which do not conform to regulation in your hand luggage. These will always be confiscated at the security desk.

Liquids in hand baggage

The following liquids and gels are allowed in your hand luggage. Items in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml. Prescription medicines which show they will be needed during the flight time. Baby food which will be needed on the flight. The airport provide passengers with one litre re-sealable clear plastic bags. All of the above items should be placed in this bag so they can be examined easily at the security desks.

Security scan

Security checks scan hold luggage, hand baggage and you. As well as emptying your pockets, you may have to remove your shoes and belt and place them on a tray to be passed through the x-ray machine, whilst you walk though a metal detector. Remember to collect all your belongings after they have been scanned.

Duty free shopping

Duty free items bought before your flight are to be carried as hand baggage. Liquids and gels will be sealed into clear carrier bags at the duty free shop, and the bag must remain sealed until you reach you destination.

Prohibited items

Never bring back articles from abroad on which there is an import ban. The articles will not only be confiscated but you will also be fined, which could be hefty. For detailed information on prohibited items call the Tax/Customs Line at +31-455-743031.

Personal belongings

Watch your belongings. Never leave your baggage unattended when you are at the airport. There are luggage lockers available at several locations within the airport complex.

Be aware of pickpockets

As in many crowded areas, there could be pickpockets around. Make sure you carry your travel documents, wallet or purse in a safe and secure manner.

No smoking at the airport

Smoking is prohibited in the terminal area of Schiphol Airport except in bars and restaurants with a dedicated smoking area.

Internet access

If you wish to use the WiFi (wireless internet) connection at the airport, make sure to log on to the KPN (Dutch telecom company) network. This is a pre-paid connection which is available throughout the airport. Never use an unsecured, free wireless connection offer which might appear on your screen – assume this is a potentially harmful virus or malware which could invade your laptop.