Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Smokey coffee shop is linked to the attached Club Smokey, a popular nightspot with students and lovers of Top 40 tunes on Amsterdam Rembrandtplein. It is one of the more touristy Amsterdam coffee shops, with few locals or expats found inside; other than those wearing the rather fetching Smokey staff t-shirts.


Coffeeshop Smokey EntranceAs you might expect from an Amsterdam coffee shop located on a busy square and run by the same people as the nightclub next door, Coffeeshop Smokey is a bit more cautious compared with some more intimate coffee shops found in the city. Staff members are certainly polite and helpful, but expect to have your bag searched on entry and be sure to bring ID.
The interior of the coffee shop is larger than most, a cavernous neon-lit space with no less than three pool tables in the back. Music is crowd-pleasing, with none of the pounding techno found elsewhere.

Inside SmokeysUnfortunately for some, and ironically given the name, the interior of Amsterdam Smokey a tobacco free zone. Those looking to enjoy tobacco must resort to the rather tiny terrace in front and, while this does have a wonderful view of Rembrandtplein, it also tends to fill up very quickly; arrive early to grab a spot. The coffee shop menu starts from about EUR 10 and moves up to much more expensive strains. In a nice touch, the menu here is actually a glass sheet with the products and prices below so you can get a look at what you are buying.

You can enjoy some delicious fresh juices and special Marijuana teas while playing pool.

As the Smokey nightclub is just next door, donít be surprised if you are asked to open your bags and purses before going into the Coffee Shop Smokey.


Amsterdam Smokey couldn’t be easier to find. Anybody standing on Rembrandtplein is sure to see the giant neon letters advertising both the coffee shop and the nightclub. To get to Coffeeshop Smokey from Central Station, simply take tram 9 to the Rembrandtplein stop. The coffee shop’s sign should be immediately visible on leaving the tram.

Opening Hours:

Daily: 10:00-01:00


Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Rembrandtplein 24
1017 CV   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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