Flights Dublin to Amsterdam

Finding and booking flights from Ireland to Amsterdam can be reasonably simple, due to there being only one airport in Dublin and a limited number of airlines offering flights. Dublin international airport offers flights to Amsterdam from the recently opened Terminal 2 building.

Direct Flights to Amsterdam

Direct flights from Dublin to Amsterdam are offered via a partnership between the Dutch airline KLM and Aer Lingus, Ireland's national carrier. Flights can be booked through either airline and although there may be two different flight numbers, both refer to the same flight undertaken in an Aer Lingus aircraft. There are five direct flights to Amsterdam from Dublin airport each day, the earliest departing at 6am and the latest at  just after 5pm. Check in for these flights can be done at the appropriate desk or by using one of the many automated check in machines in the departures lounge. If you are unsure how to use the machines, a member of airport staff is usually on hand to explain. Flying to Amsterdam from Dublin can be expected to take roughly an hour and a half in the air, although favourable winds can often cut this figure significantly. Check-in times for Aer Lingus flights are 2 hours 30 minutes prior to flight departure, with minimum check in time 45 minutes prior to flight departure.

Indirect Flights to Amsterdam

A number of airlines offer indirect flights to Amsterdam from Dublin. The most prominent indirect route is offered by low cost Irish airline, Ryanair. This is not a connecting flight to Amsterdam, but rather a direct flight to Eindhoven Airport, from which transport to Amsterdam can be secured.

Ryanair Flights to Amsterdam

Ryanair offers one flight from Dublin to Eindhoven each day, leaving early in the morning. The easiest way to travel from Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam is via the direct AirExpress bus service, tickets for which can be booked online or bought from a ticket agent. Return tickets on this service can be expected to cost in and around EUR 40, while single tickets should be about EUR 25. Check in for Ryanair flights must be done online.

More Airlines to Amsterdam

Other airlines offering indirect flights to Amsterdam from Dublin include BA, SAS, Air France, Lufthansa and Iberia. Details for these flights vary and can be found through the airline websites. Indirect flights offered by these airlines can be expected to connect with a flight from the UK, most often through London. Layover times and costs vary wildly with these flights, and an indirect connecting flight to Amsterdam can often end up costing more and taking longer than either of the options above.

Dublin Airport Terminals

The airport consists of two terminal buildings, the more recent of which, Terminal 2, hosts flights to Amsterdam. The ground floor of Terminal 2 is taken up by the departures lounge, containing check in desks, automated check in machines and various help desks. A multi-faith prayer room can also be found on this level. Shops and restaurants are located on the first floor mezzanine, including a small grocery store and a book shop. Security check points and gate access are on the floor above, with more restaurants and a large selection of shops to be found in the airport's secure area.

Dublin City Centre to Dublin Airport

There are a number of options in getting to Dublin airport from the city. The Airlink bus route operates regularly from O'Connell Street as well as Heuston train station and Connolly station. Tickets can be bought on the bus, at the Dublin tourist information centre or from vending machines at certain pick up points and cost EUR 6 for a single journey. A cheaper, and slower, option is the 16A city bus service that departs from various points around the city, including the same O'Connell Street stop as the Airlink. Taxis to the airport can be flagged on the street or found at one of Dublin's many taxi ranks, and can be expected to cost in the region of EUR 25.

Amsterdam Airport Arrivals

Arriving on a flight from Dublin to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, passengers will normally find themselves near the D gates. Following the signs down the long corridor and down a short flight of stairs will take you through passport control to baggage collection. Just past the arrivals lounge, automatic ticket machines as well as ticket desks can be found. Here train tickets to Amsterdam Central Station can be booked. Most of the machines do not take cash, so have a Maestro or debit card ready or approach the ticket desks. Trains leave regularly from the platforms below the airport and a travel time of roughly 20 minutes to Amsterdam city centre can be expected.