Flights to Amsterdam from Dublin, Ireland

Travel between Ireland and Amsterdam is most often done by air, Ireland being an island nation. The major flight hubs in Ireland are Dublin, Cork and Belfast, and these are the only airports offering direct flights from Ireland to Amsterdam. A direct flight to Amsterdam can be expected to take an average of one and a half hours. Indirect flights are possible from the smaller regional airports such as Galway, Shannon and Waterford, but the extended travel time of these connecting flights means that it is almost always faster as well as cheaper to simply travel to one of the major hubs and fly direct from there.

The major airlines offering direct flights from Ireland to Amsterdam are the most prominent Amsterdam airline, KLM, Irish national carrier Aer Lingus and British carrier easyJet. KLM and Aer Lingus operate from the major Irish airports of Cork and Dublin, while easyJet offers a route from Belfast international airport. Flights to Amsterdam from the Republic of Ireland can most easily be booked online through the KLM or Aer Lingus websites, while those travelling through Belfast may use that of easyJet. Tickets can also be bought through travel agents, over the phone or in person at the offices of the preferred airline. For Aer Lingus and KLM flights, travellers who have purchased tickets online need only their passports to check in automatically via the machines at Dublin and Cork airports. The airlines' websites offer a number of temporary Amsterdam deals, so planning your trip in advance and keeping an eye on the site can often mean a cheaper fare.

Flights Dublin to Amsterdam

Offering by far the most flights from Ireland to Amsterdam, the recently constructed Terminal 2 of Dublin airport offers five flights to Amsterdam a day. A total of 14 airlines offer flights to Amsterdam from Dublin, but the only direct route is with Aer Lingus/KLM. Flights begin in the early morning and run until early evening. Check in can be done via the desk or the handy automated check in machines found throughout the departure lounge.

Cork to Amsterdam

Flights from Cork to Amsterdam can be a great idea for those visiting Ireland's picturesque and popular south west, or those wishing to avoid the busier Dublin airport. Again, the only direct flights on offer are with Aer Lingus/KLM and these leave twice per day; one in the early morning and the other in the afternoon. Check in machines can be found in the departures area, similar to those in Dublin.

Belfast to Amsterdam

Belfast international airport offers only one direct flight to Amsterdam per day, leaving in the early afternoon. British carrier easyJet maintains this route and check in can be handled via their website. Belfast city airport offers a number of indirect flights to Amsterdam connecting through various British hubs.

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