Lesbian Bars in Amsterdam

Amsterdam may have a reputation as an extremely gay-friendly city, but it is often said that the lesbian scene is under-represented. Gay men dominate many events such as the gay pride celebrations, as well as a lot of the gay clubs in Amsterdam. However, there are a number of excellent Amsterdam lesbian bars that, while of course welcoming to gay men, tend to be geared more towards women.

Cafe 't Mandje

A true piece of Amsterdam gay history, Café ‘t Mandje was founded in 1927 by the famous “Queen of the Zeedijk” Bet van Beeren. After Bet’s death, her sister Greet van Beeren took over the bar until she herself passed away in 2007. Today, the bar is as popular as ever, with a welcoming crowd nestled into the nooks and crannies of the traditional brown café interior. Old school lamps and a forest of ties hanging from the ceiling help to give a visit to Café ‘t Mandje the feel of drinking backstage at a theatre or burlesque venue.
Address: Zeedijk 63
Web: http://www.cafetmandje.nl/

Vive la Vie

The most popular and well-loved lesbian bar in Amsterdam, Vive la Vie is a fun, welcoming and lively venue with a relaxed attitude. The music picks up in tempo as the night goes on, keeping pace with the mood of the crowd. Vive la Vie is located on the edge of the busy Rembrandtplein nightlife district, making it a great place to begin a night on the town, or simply stay put for the great atmosphere since the bar is open until 04:00 on weekends and 03:00 during the week.
Address: Amstelstraat 7
Web: http://www.vivelavie.net/


Saarein is a traditional brown café found in the picturesque Jordaan area of the city. It became one of the best-loved Amsterdam lesbian bars in 1978 when a consortium of ten women bought the bar from its then owners. Another change of ownership in 1999 means that it is now welcoming to Amsterdam’s entire gay scene, although the crowd is still mostly women. Saarein’s corner location, cosy interior and selection of cocktails, coffee and cakes make it an ideal spot to socialise and watch the world go by.
Address: Elandsstraat 119-HS
Web: http://www.saarein2.nl/

Lesbian Club Nights and Festivals

In addition to the lesbian bars in Amsterdam, there are a number of regular parties held specifically for the city’s gay women. Garbo for Women is a club night held on the 4th Saturday of every month in Club Lite at Jan van Galenstraat 24. Music tends towards deep house and there is an open kitchen at the venue. Flirtation is a women-only festival held just outside of Amsterdam at Beach Club Vroeger in Overveen, just past Haarlem. With a crowd of over 1,000 women on a beach dancing to music by female DJs, this is certainly one party worth travelling for.
Web: http://www.garboforwomen.nl/ , http://www.flirtation.nl/info/