Health in Amsterdam

Emergency Number: 112
Ambulance, Fire department and Police
This is a country number. If you phone from the mobile phone, you must first say from which city you are calling, which emergency service you call for and your address.

Hospital Emergency Wards
OLVG Hospital AmsterdamSeveral public hospitals in Amsterdam have emergency wards open 24 hours a day. Two of them are the biggest and most modern:

OLVG Hospital, its traditional Dutch name is: Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis Ziekenhuis (Oost Amsterdam, closest emergency hospital departement to the Center of Amsterdam)); Eerste Oosterparkstraat 279; 1091 HA Amsterdam; phone: 020 - 599 9111

Sint Lucas Hospital, (West of Amsterdam, just at the exit 105 from the Amsterdam freeway ring A10); full name in Dutch: Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis; Jan Tooropstraat 164; 1061 AE Amsterdam; phone: 020 - 5108160 or 5108161

A Visit to a Doctor
The Netherlands have a developed system of home practionners (huisartsen). All of them speak English. They receive patients on working days without an appointment between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. During the weekend days only some the doctors are on duty. Be preapred to wait with other patients or call first fo the appointment. Upon arrival advise first the doctor’s assistant about your situtation.

Dr. Cambridge, Physician - Tourist doctor
Offers doctor service to all tourists and expats in the Amsterdam area. Fully trained experienced general/family practitioners, fluent in different laguages.

Central Medical Service
(Centrale Doktersdienst, open 24h) will inform you about the general practitionner in your area as well as doctors who will help you during the weekend.
Phone: 0900 503 20 42

Pharmacies Central Service (Centraal Apotheken Dienst) informs you about the pharmacies on duty, their number is (Dutch speaking service): 020 592 33 15

Free HIV testing and counselling by AIDS Healthcare Foundation
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Europe
 offers free HIV testing on their premises on Jodenbreestraat above a vintage garment store, just a few steps from the Rembrandt House. The rapid HIV tests are free and anonymous. The test detects HIV antibodies using a small amount of blood from the finger and is over 99% accurate. The results are given within 20 minutes. If the test result comes out positive, you will be directed for further testing, treatment and care.
AHF Testing Centre, Jodenbreestraat 158
Testing: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 13.00-19.00 (no appointment necessary).
Tel.:+31 20 620 62 61 
tel.:+31 20 620 62 61

Free testing for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
GG&GD (Municipal Health Service) - STI Outpatient Clinic; Weesperplein 1; 1018 WZ Amsterdam; trams 7, 10 and metro, stop Weesperplein; open - Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.00 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Call for the appointment first (service in English and Spanish); phone: 020-555 5822. Blood tests take several days. You will be able to check the results on-line or by phone.