Art Plein Spui Market in Amsterdam

Art Plein Spui in Amsterdam

Every Sunday, on the small Spui square surrounded by bookshops, a small and pleasant art market is held where 25 professional artists show their works and sell directly to the passers by. The exhibitors change – they all belong to a foundation organizing the fair, which unites about 60 artists. The show is often accompanied by live music, a harp and guitar duo or a visiting musician.

Exhibited works are mostly prints and small canvas, but you may often also see small sculptures, ceramics and jewelry.

Visiting the Art Plein Spui Market

Art Plein Spui in Amsterdam

Good for a short visit. It is just at the entry to Begijnhof. Far more interesting than visiting a gallery show, as you may meet the artist in person and if you are interested in buying – negotiate the price directly with its author without paying a gallery commission, which in Europe often exceeds 50%. Most of exhibited works are popular, decorative, colorful pieces.

As on any market in any country: beware of pickpockets.

What they sell on Art Plein Spui Market

Original prints, small oil paintings.

Art Plein Spui Market opening hours

Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 (not in winter on cold days).

How to get to Art Plein Spui Market

By foot: ca. 10 minutes from the Dam square direction the Munt.
By tram: number: 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 16, 17, 24, and 25 - tram stop Spui.
By car: do not bring your car there: as this is a very town centre, it may be even impossible to drive through. Try to park your car at one of the canals (metered parking), further from the Spui and walk to the market.


Art Plein Spui Market in Amsterdam
Spui Plein
1012 WZ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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