Taxi in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Taxi Service

Amsterdam is well known to be a city bike and most of the Dutch people and expats journey this way. This makes Amsterdam a city where car traffic isn’t really big for most of the hours during the day. Taxis in Amsterdam are so quite popular to go quickly from one place to another and can be handy at night when the tram service is done.

Amsterdam Airport taxi

If you want to transfer conveniently from Amsterdam Airport directly to your hotel, you can book a ride with the personal airport taxi service through our Amsterdam airport transfer page.

How to get a taxi in Amsterdam?

There are many taxi stops in Amsterdam mostly located in the most popular areas such as Amsterdam Central Station, Dam Square, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein or Museumplein. Taxis are in line and you simply have to queue to get yours. You can also order an Amsterdam taxi calling the city taxi line: 0031 (0) 900 677 7777.

How much does a taxi in Amsterdam cost

In order to improve the taxi service and its transparency the municipality of Amsterdam has fixed the prices so you shouldn't get any surprise.

A ride starts with an amount of €3.29 at the meter and will costs €2.42 per kilometer or €0.40 price per minute no matter the time of the day. Plus, a taxi driver has to take you even if your ride is really short which can be much appreciated when the weather isn't good in the city.

Finally, when you're using a taxi in Amsterdam the driver has to give you a ticket with the reference of your ride. If you are not satisfied by the service provided, you can address a complain by phone: 0031 (0) 900-202 1881 using the info written on your receipt.

Night busses in Amsterdam

Good to know: when the tram service is over, night buses are running. Find more information about Amsterdam night transport.