Central Post Office in Amstrerdam

Post Office AmsterdamAmsterdam Central Post Office located in a proximity of the Dam square (ca. 100 meters behind the Queens Palace), is a convenient place to send your cards and letters overseas, especially when you are not sure how many stamps to put on. It is also a good place to send small parcels, to buy telephone discount cards and useful stationary.

Sending your cards

Most of the cards shops sell also stamps. If you want to send your mail by Air Mail, the blue Priority sticker should be placed on it. Otherwise, your mail will be delayed. An express counter for small purchases is located on the left of the Central Post Office hall.

Postal boxes

Postal box HollandPostal boxes in the Netherlands are painted red or orange. Please note that the right hole on the box is for the local Amsterdam mail, the left one for all other mail (Dutch: overige postcodes). The post is collected every day at 6 PM, except for Saturday.

Money matters

Central Post Office contains also a division of the bank (Postbank), to the right in the main hall. Foreign currency exchange is possible, but not recommended. It will cost you a long wait and the exchange rate will be worse than in a specialized point in the city.

Priority labelThere is a convenient ATM machine inside the Central Post Office and several ATM's outside.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 7.30 - 18.30h
Sat: 7.30 -17.00h


Central Post Office in Amstrerdam
Singel 250-sous (basement)
1016   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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