Amsterdam Public Transport

Amsterdam is well served by transportation within the city and its suburbs. The GVB, the Amsterdam public transportation company, has 15 tram lines, 43 bus lines, 4 metro lines and even some ferries.

For unlimited public transport for tourists we recommend the I Amsterdam City Card which also offers other benefits like free entry to museums and attractions.

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Amsterdam public transportation tickets can be used on any kind of public transports for given time duration. A simple ticket is called a 'one hour ticket', costs €3,20 and can be used for an hour as long as you don't forget to check in and out, no matter the length of your journey within an hour. But if you plan of using only the public transport this option can quickly be expensive.

Other options are available depending on how many days you want to stay. Unlimited tickets can be purchased for one day (24hours) up to 7 days (168 hours). You will find the price of each kind of ticket in the following table:

How many days Price
1 day (24h) €8
2 days (48h) €13,50
3 days (72h) €19
4 days (96h) €24,50
5 days (120h) €29,50
6 days (144h) €33,50
7 days (168h) €36,50

Children under 4 can travel for free. and children 4 - 11 years have the 1 day (24h) ticket for a special price of €4.

You can purchase your tickets in every train or metro station. Be aware only a one hour ticket can be bought directly on the tram or bus from the driver.

On the bus, the tram or the metro, you have to validate your ticket at the entrance and to check it out before leaving the transport. You have to do it every time you are using the public transport.

Night buses

Amsterdam Central Station Ferries

The tram service stops everyday at 00:30 but night buses run from 00:30 until 7:00. They go to the main areas inside the city and then to the suburbs. You can use any day or multiple day ticket in the night buses. If you don't have one, you will have to buy a night ticket from the driver for the cost of €4,50.


Amsterdam has 6 different ferries that you can take for free. They all leave from Central Station and go to the north of Amsterdam. The most popular one is the one that goes to the Eye Museum (The Amsterdam Film Library). The ferries are available all day and all night long.

Amsterdam Central Station - Centraal Station on the map