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Melkweg is perhaps the most well known Amsterdam club and music venue. The large building is a former milking factory, giving the venue its name, which in English means The Milky Way. Melkweg is operated by a non-profit organisation of artists under the same name and has been since the group discovered the abandoned dairy factory in 1970.

Concerts at Melkweg

Hugely famous international acts play here regularly, it being one of the most high profile venues in the city. Every week there are guaranteed to be a number of music events taking place in Melkweg. Everyone from internationally famous DJs to popular Dutch hip hop artists taking to the club's various stages. The size and scope of these events make Melkweg an essential part of Amsterdam nightlife.

Melkweg regular events

If catching a concert seems a bit out of your price range, or if there is just nobody you would like to see, then visiting one of Melkweg's club nights might be the thing to do. All night drum 'n' bass at Cheeky Monday and Techno Tuesday deliver a full on blitzing rave up. Pumping with all the excitement, energy and enthusiasm of even the biggest and baddest weekender. And every Saturday, Melkweg hosts Encore, Holland’s home of hiphop and R&B.

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Melkweg expo

Melkweg is the place to be also for art lovers. Every month Melkweg Expo exhibits young talented photographers. It’s the only photography venue open until 9pm and Melkweg visitors can even visit the expo at night, during a concert or a party. The admission is free.

Melkweg opening hours

Melkweg is one of the few late opening clubs in Amsterdam, often remaining busy up to 5am. This is unusual in Amsterdam, where most clubs have to close up at the latest by 3am on the weekends. It is another reason why the club is so popular with late night revellers.

Opening hours for specific events such as movie screenings and concerts can vary, so be sure to check the details on the website or your ticket to know when to arrive.

Melkweg entrance fees

One thing that often takes visitors by surprise is the fact that, on top of the regular entrance fee stated on posters or at the door, to enter Melkweg you must also buy a membership to the club. This membership fee is an additional €4 on top of the ticket price, but it is valid for a month so if you have already been recently, be sure to bring your temporary membership card to avoid the fee. Another option is to buy the annual membership card. This is more suited to those living in the city and gives discounted entrance to many events as well as streamlining the membership process. Tickets to all events can be purchased via the Melkweg website. Also the membership tickets for a month or a year.


Melkweg in Amsterdam
Lijbaansgracht 234 A
1017 PH   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 5318181

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