Rocket Cinema Festival in Amsterdam

Rocket Cinema Festival AmsterdamThe festival of vintage films beginning in Amsterdam, but also held in several other cities. New music scores composed by invited young musicians and DJ’s are performed live with carefully selected, unusual old movies, mainly American, often from the silent era.

Each Rocket Festival edition has another theme, as a rule very general – in 2011 the topic was - “Adventure”. Screenings are held in unusual locations like the Oude Kerk, Central Station Grand Café 1st Class or Artis Planetarium, directly corresponding with the film’s subject. Artists are commissioned to create installations and decor for the festival venues.


Mid-October until the end of November, biannual, third edition of the Rocket Festival takes place in 2011


Different venues, check their website for the program


Full tickets €16,50 or €15; reduction for students and CJP card holders, usually there some free screenings


Organized by Stichting Rocket Cinema in collaboration with Paradiso Amsterdam.
Telephone: +31 20 626 45 21