Belgium Brussels tour - daytrip from Amsterdam

Streets lined with cafes and shops offering best chocolates and beers. Rich history, beautiful architecture and important european insitutions. How could you possibly go wrong while touring Belgium? Often referred to as the capital of Europe, Brussels will surely show you sights to remember.

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Trip from Amsterdam to Brussels

This all day adventure begins with a drive through the Dutch and Belgian country roads. Gaze out the window of an ari-conditioned coach bus at beautiful hillsides and lovely villages.

Brussels tourist information

Lots of useful information about Brussels attractions, transport, museums and much more can be found at this Brussels information website. It is a recommender reading if you plan to go there.

The tour of Brussels

When we arrive to Brussels we will visit the Atomium. One of the most unusual buildings on the planet. This sight is a little out of town so after we visit it we will ride the bus again. On our way to brussels city center we will pass the tomb of an unknown soldier which is a monument to all the victims of war. And then the Royal Palace of Brussels.

Then will start the main part of this journey. The 3 hours long stay in Brussels city center. A guided tour will take you through the main sighs including the 16th century market square, the peeing boy statue and chocolatier demonstration. Of course there will be free time at the end of our stay in Brussels to shop for some well known beer, chocolates or fashion.

Departure, price and other necessary info

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Brussels on the map