Belgium Brussels tour - daytrip from Amsterdam

BrusselsWith streets lined with cafes and shops all offering some of the world’s best chocolates and beers paired with a rich history and beautiful architecture, how could you go possibly go wrong while touring Belgium? The answer is, you cannot! Being able to see both Brussels and Antwerp means that you are guaranteed to be surrounded by picturesque scenes throughout the entire journey from start to finish. Often referred to as the unofficial capital of Europe, Brussels will surely blow you away with the amount of sights to see and places to explore.

This all day adventure begins with a drive through the Dutch country roads of streets of Brussels. Gaze out the window at beautiful hillsides and breathtaking views before arriving at the first official destination at the amazing Atomium, the largest iron atom in the world as well as the symbol of Brussels.

This tour includes a visit to Brussels and Antwerp, the biggest cities in Belgium.Discover the Brussels and Antwerp trip from Amsterdam, these tours run out of availability fast so we recommend to make your booking online!

Heading back onto the bus, we will pass by incredible sights such as the tomb of an unknown soldier and the imposing Royal Palace of Brussels. Though three hours long, you will surely feel like any amount of time in this part of the country is never quite long enough.

The next part of the journey will bring you to the 16th century Market Square and the “Manneken Pis” where you will explore by foot on a guided walking tour. Enjoy some free time before we make our way to Antwerp, the Diamond Capital of the World. Through the use of another guided tour, you will walk through this incredible historic center for just under an hour.

Throughout the entire daytrip through Brussels and Antwerp, you are guaranteed to not only walk away with some superb photos of all the places you have just seen but with a handful of unforgettable memories.

Brussels on the map