Helicopter ride tour near Amsterdam

amsterdam helicopter ride tour over keukenhof toulip fields

To spice up your visit to Netherlands take a helicopter ride over toulip fields.

You can reserve your place on this Helicopter tour near Amsterdam tickets webpage.

What is included

The flight over the colorful toulip fields near Amsterdam are the main attraction but there is much more to see. Dutch countryside is really lovely. With its villages, farms, windmills and even the coastline and beach. You will see all of it niecely from the lookout height of a helicopter flight tour.

And of course the experience of flight in a helicopter is great by itself. For all personalities of adults and children alike.

It might even be a great surprise gift.

Tickets for helicopter tour near Amsterdam

The ticket price is 126 euro for 10 minute flight and 189 euro for 15 minute flight. However this is per person, not per helicopter. So if 4 people take the tour, they need 4 tickets even if they share the same flight.

Children are allowed on the Keukenhof helicopter tour but you need a regular ticket for them.

You can book your tickets for a specific date and get a confirmation back to your email. Then, three days before your flight you will receive the precise information about the departure location, time and route.

You do not need to print anything. You can just show your ticket from your smartphone.

Flight departure location

The precise location is not known long in advance. The local government decides from which meadow close to Keukenhof the helicopters can depart from. They do that one week before departure. And you will get an email with precise location at least 3 days before your helicopter flight tour to Keukenhof by Amsterdam.

You need to arrange the transport to the departure point by yourself. But there are direct busses. You can read how to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam on our Keukenhof Gardens webpage.

Please arrive to the helipad at least 15 minutes before your flight time.

In case of bad weather

If the pilot thinks that the weather is too rainy, foggy or windy, and that the Keukenhof helicopter ride tour would not be safe or of high quality, it gets cancelled and everybody gets their money back.

Helicopter type

For this tour is used the Eurocopter EC120 helicopter.

It can carry 4 passengers. Enough to enjoy the ride with your family or friends.