Alkmaar Cheese & Windmills tour from Amsterdam

Holland CheeseWhether you are a cheese lover or not, you are guaranteed to love this Amsterdam cheese tour to the famously known and recognized town of Alkmaar. As a place known for its magnificent cheese and yet so much more than just that, this is one place that you are going to wish you had more time to spend in it. Along with the delicious and tasteful cheeses that you will be tasting, you will be able to explore and discover ancient history, a rich culture and beautiful natural beauty that sets itself apart from the rest. People from all over the world come to this Holland cheese tour each year to discover and taste the cheeses that are handcrafted and produced here.

On this fun-filled and adventuresome Amsterdam cheese tour, you will find yourself amongst a 750-year-old city, which is famous for its weekly cheese market. Imagine walking down a street lined with cheese stands of every possible variety that you have had and yet dozens that you have never even heard of before. Being able to taste such delicious cheese that has been made the same way it has been mad for the past decades is something truly unique and special that you can take away while visiting Alkmaar.

Also included in this Holland cheese tour is a short walking tour where you can get an up close and personal look at what makes this place of Holland so incredible. Be sure to grab your cameras and your phones because you will also find yourself looking up at the incredibly tall and magnificent windmills that seem to make up the most perfect picturesque scene of all. From start to finish, this tour is guaranteed to be a time you will surely not soon forget.

Alkmaar on the map