Amsterdam Bicycle Tours

Amsterdam bicycle guide tour through city streets

If you really want a taste of the every day swing of Dutch life, a bike tour through Amsterdam is the way to go.

What is included in an Amsterdam bike tour

The bicycle is of course provided and included in price of the tour.

Some tours offer coffee and tea after the tour finishes.

Every tour has its own theme, route and specialization. You can compare them by visiting webpages dedicated to a particular tour through the links on this page.

Even if a tour doesn't have a specialized theme it is a beautiful experience. Amsterdams architecture, markets, bridges, plazas and street atmosphere are memorable and comfortable to see from a bike seat. See them like most infabitants of Amsterdam do.

You can find and book such tours on this Amsterdam Bicycle Tour website.

Amsterdam bicycle tour basics

These tours are usually between one and two hours long.

They are guided by friendly and knowledgeable tourguides who are well capable in human interactions and Amsterdam information.

The tourguides usually know multiple languages and are used to overcomming communications barriers.

Since these tours are quite common, most are already well established and polished to perfection.

In case of bad weather

If it rains, no worries, you can choose to cancel your tour free of charge. This applies of course also in case of other bad weather or in case you simply don't feel like taking the tour. The cancellation is easy, without questions and free.

Or you can go for the real hard core Dutch experience and get a rain poncho. I can guarantee you that will definitely give you an ultimate real life Dutch experience.

Important during the bicycle tour of Amsterdam

Please don't become so Dutch that you disregard the traffic laws. It is a fack that some Amsterdammers do this. They don't stop for a red light, they cross a street or a bridge when they feel like doing it instead of paying no attention to situation. That is why staying alert and a little bit of biking experience can help you to navigate through the small city streets durint an Amsterdam bike tour.

Also, unless you are 100% sure that the weather will be plenty sunny a warm, then bring a jacket. When you start moving on the bike the humid Amsterdamese air can get quite cold.